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Doctor Who Türkiye Hayran Topluluğu

Doctor Who Türkiye Hayran Topluluğu

Gustaff Behr gives his spoiler-free verdict on Toshiko Sato's audio return.

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We have the following audiobooks available for readers to win, courtesy of BBC Audio; in order to be in with a chance to win simply email us with the answer to the question along with your name, country and where you heard about the competition. All competitions are open worldwide, with a closing date of 8th May 2016. Only one entry per household can be accepted.

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The Memory of Winter, written by George Mann and read by Jemma Redgrave
Summoned by the Winter family's Calling Card, the TARDIS arrives in 15th Century France. In the shadows of a forest the Doctor and Clara encounter a band of soldiers who are protecting a mysterious young woman. Also travelling with the party is self-confessed amateur historian Julius Winter. Young Joan of Arc is troubled by voices telling her things she should not know about - things concerning the Doctor's own people, the Time Lords. When he realises that an element of the Time War is involved, the Doctor is compelled to discover where Joan is getting her information from. But in doing so, he and Clara are drawn into terrible danger...

Question: George Mann wrote another recent novel involving the Time War, but for which Doctor?
Send your answer to comp-winter@doctorwhonews.net with the subject line "A Winter's Tale".
[order from Amazon UK]
Cybermen: The Invasion, written by Ian Marter and read by David Troughton
Materialising in Outer Space, the TARDIS is attached by a missile fired from the dark side of the moon. Back on...
The actor Barry Howard has died at the age of 78.

Barry Howard played Oliver Barnes, a member of the Sliver Cloak gang, in the 2010 story The End of Time.

The actor was best known for playing the professional dancer Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in the BBC Comedy Hi-Di-Hi, a role he played in seven series from 1980-1986.

Other roles included parts in Terry and June, You Rang, M'Lord?, Dad and he played Danny Jackson in the ITV comedy The House of Windsor.

Howard, who lived in Poole in the south of England, was also a veteran of pantomime shows, and regularly appeared alongside Are You Being Served? star John Inman as the ugly sisters.

Doctor Who News

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Candy Jar Books have released the cover art for the next book in their Lethbridge-Stewart series, The Showstoppers.

The Showstoppers
Written by Jonathan Cooper
Cover by Richard Young

‘Nuzzink in ze vorld can schtop me now!’

There’s a new TV show about to hit the airwaves, but Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart won’t be tuning in. With the future of the Fifth Operational Corps in doubt he’s got enough to worry about, but a plea from an old friend soon finds Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers embroiled in a plot far more fantastical than anything on the small screen.

Can charismatic star Aubrey Mondegreene really be in two places at the same time? What lengths will ailing entertainment mogul Billy Lovac go to in order to reach his audience? And is luckless journalist Harold Chorley really so desperate that he’ll buy into a story about Nazi conspiracies from a tramp wearing a tin foil hat?

There’s something very rotten at the heart of weekend television, and it isn’t all due to shoddy scripts and bad special effects.

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, said:
Richard is well-known for his photo realistic work. Watching him painstakingly create his artwork with thousands of dots is incredibly impressive. His design for The Showstoppers really evokes the early Target covers.
Richard Young said:
Doctor Who has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. The classic series is extremely close to my heart and I always wanted to draw a cover for the Target books... but they didn't like my style when I was ten. So to have the chance to contribute a cover for a book featuring one of the most iconic characters of Doctor Who is not only a huge honour but the realisation of a thirty-four-year old dream.

I had fun...
The reveal of Pearl Mackie as the new companion has been our most popular and most shared video content on Twitter and Facebook in the whole of Doctor Who history! OK, Twitter and Facebook weren't around for Classic Who but who knows with timey wimey, parallel universes and all that...

And for making it such a special moment, celebrated across the world and Whoniverse, the Doctor Who team would like to say two special words to all the wonderful fans...


It was amazing to see fans come together and welcome Pearl to the wonderful world of Who. When the time came for the reveal, the moment was watched on screens and devices around the world and the exclusive new scene Friend from the Future was viewed a staggering 2.7 million times on Facebook alone, making it the most popular video ever on the Doctor Who Facebook page!

So why not sit back and enjoy it one more time... THANK YOU to Whovians everywhere for being the best fandom in the universe and welcome aboard to the amazing Pearl Mackie!

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An exhibition showcasing original cover artwork from the Target range of Doctor Who novels has opened in London.

The display, at the Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury features 30 pieces of art, which were commissioned for the cover illustrations of Doctor Who novelisations, published during the 1970's and 1980's under the Target imprint

it includes ten covers by Chris Achilleos from The Daleks through to Revenge of the Cybermen, five covers by Andrew Skilleter from Destiny of the Daleksthrough to The Mark of the Rani and other classic and well-loved original cover artwork such by Roy Knipe, Jeff Cummins, and David McAlister.

The launch was attended by several of the artists featured as well as Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat and the current doctor, Peter Capaldi, no mean artist himself.

The exhibition was the brainchild of Doctor Who brand manager Edward Russell, who told Doctor Who News he was delighted by the response to the display of the artwork.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 15th May.


Doctor Who News

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The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine has been published today, and as a new exhibition on Target books opens at the Cartoon Museum in London takes look back at the history of Doctor Who book cover art. The first regular artist on the range, Chris Achilleos, tells the magazine on how he established a new visual style for Doctor Who:
I didn’t need direction – I knew how to do a cover. I was always very aware that a book cover needs to be attractive – almost interactive, in a way – so that you’re drawn to pick it up in a shop. I still think they work as good punchy covers.
Target book fan and modern-day Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss has much affection for the artwork:
The Three Doctors was my first and perhaps still my favourite. The incredibly evocative orange and green luridness of Omega’s deadly fingers, the Doctors themselves in grave monochrome. I still get a Proustian rush from seeing these images.

Also inside the issue:

  • PRODUCTION NOTES: Doctor Who’s executive producer Brian Minchin tells DWM about the operation to reveal the identity of the Doctor's new companion...
  • WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? DWM investigates what it is to be immortal in the Doctor Who universe.
  • NIGHT TO REMEMBER: Ahead of a very special Fact of Fiction next issue on The Day of the Doctor, DWM looks back at the most unexpected Doctor Who story of all time
  • GATEWAY TO THE UNIVERSE: The Fourth Doctor, Romana, Adric and K9 try to find a way out of E-Space in this month’s Fact of Fiction on 1981's...
Connor Johnston gives his verdict on the 2016 reissue of the Doctor Who Target Novels, out now.

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On Saturday 23 April 2016, Pearl Mackie was revealed to the Whoniverse as the new Doctor Who companion. Here's a roundup of all the action as it happened before, during and after the announcement. Let the companion content consumption commence!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the TARDIS flying over Wembley Stadium!


It all started with a news alert, announcing to the world that the #NewCompanion would be revealed exclusively live on BBC One on Saturday 23 April in half time of the FA Cup semi-final MOTD Live: Everton v Manchester United.



On Friday evening we found the Doctor and new companion on the run... But from what?


And some new shoes were left outside the TARDIS...




On the day of the announcement we caught a glimpse of the new companion's hand.


And we all counted down the hours until...


In an exclusive scene from a future episode, Pearl Mackie was revealed to the Whoniverse as the new Doctor Who companion!
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Pearl was welcomed to the Whoniverse by past stars of the show and fans around the world....
Details on the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out today.

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