Klasik Seri (1963-1989)

Türkiye’nin en büyük Doctor Who topluluğundan, Türkiye’nin en büyük arşivi.

Hikaye NoHikayeBölümlerİzle
1An Unearthly Child"An Unearthly Child"
"The Cave of Skulls"
"The Forest of Fear"
"The Firemaker"
Türkçe Altyazılı
2The Daleks"The Dead Planet"
"The Survivors"
"The Escape"
"The Ambush"
"The Expedition"
"The Ordeal"
"The Rescue"
3The Edge of Destruction"The Edge of Destruction"
"The Brink of Disaster"
4Marco Polo"The Roof of the World"† (kayıp)
"The Singing Sands"† (kayıp)
"Five Hundred Eyes"† (kayıp)
"The Wall of Lies"† (kayıp)
"Rider from Shang-Tu"† (kayıp)
"Mighty Kublai Khan"† (kayıp)
"Assassin at Peking"† (kayıp)
5The Keys of Marinus"The Sea of Death"
"The Velvet Web"
"The Screaming Jungle"
"The Snows of Terror"
"Sentence of Death"
"The Keys of Marinus"
6The Aztecs+
7The Sensorites+
8The Reign of Terror+
9Planet of Giants+
10The Dalek Invasion of Earth+CGI Effects
11The Rescue+
12The Romans+
13The Web Planet+
14The Crusade+
15The Space Museum+
16The Chase+
17The Time Meddler+
18Galaxy 4+
19Mission to the Unknown+
20The Myth Makers+
21The Daleks' Master Plan+
22The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve+
23The Ark+
24The Celestial Toymaker+
25The Gunfighters+
26The Savages+
27The War Machines+
28The Smugglers+
29The Tenth Planet+
30The Power of the Daleks
31The Highlanders
32The Underwater Menace
33The Moonbase
34The Macra Terror
35The Faceless Ones
36The Evil of the Daleks
37The Tomb of the Cybermen
38The Abominable Snowmen
39The Ice Warriors
40The Enemy of the World
41The Web of Fear
42Fury from the Deep
43The Wheel in Space
44The Dominators
45The Mind Robber
46The Invasion
47The Krotons
48The Seeds of Death
49The Space Pirates
50The War Games
51Spearhead from Space
52Doctor Who and the Silurians
53The Ambassadors of Death
55Terror of the Autons
56The Mind of Evil
57The Claws of Axos
58Colony in Space
59The Daemons
60Day of the Daleks
61The Curse of Peladon
62The Sea Devils
63The Mutants
64The Time Monster
65The Three DoctorsTürkçe Altyazılı
66Carnival of Monsters
67Frontier in Space
68Planet of the Daleks
69The Green Death
70The Time Warrior
71Invasion of the Dinosaurs
72Death to the Daleks
73The Monster of Peladon
74Planet of the Spiders
76The Ark in SpaceCGI Effects
77The Sontaran Experiment
78Genesis of the Daleks
79Revenge of the Cybermen
80Terror of the Zygons
81Planet of Evil
82Pyramids of Mars
83The Android Invasion
84The Brain of Morbius
85The Seeds of Doom
86The Masque of Mandragora
87The Hand of Fear
88The Deadly Assassin
89The Face of Evil
90The Robots of Death
91The Talons of Weng-Chiang
92Horror of Fang Rock
93The Invisible Enemy
94Image of the Fendahl
95The Sun Makers
97The Invasion of Time
98The Ribos Operation
99The Pirate Planet
100The Stones of Blood
101The Androids of Tara
102The Power of Kroll
103The Armageddon Factor
104Destiny of the DaleksCGI Effects
105City of Death
106The Creature from the Pit
107Nightmare of Eden
108The Horns of Nimon
109The Leisure Hive
111Full Circle
112State of Decay
113Warriors' Gate
114The Keeper of Traken
117Four to Doomsday
118KindaCGI Effects
119The Visitation
120Black Orchid
121EarthshockCGI Effects
123Arc of InfinityCGI Effects
125Mawdryn UndeadCGI Effects
126TerminusCGI Effects
127EnlightenmentSpecial Edition
128The King's Demons
129The Five DoctorsSpecial Edition
130Warriors of the Deep
131The Awakening
133Resurrection of the Daleks
134Planet of Fire
135The Caves of Androzani
136The Twin Dilemma
137Attack of the Cybermen
138Vengeance on Varos
139The Mark of the Rani
140The Two Doctors
142Revelation of the DaleksCGI Effects
143aThe Mysterious Planet
143cTerror of the Vervoids
143dThe Ultimate Foe
144Time and the Rani
145Paradise Towers
146Delta and the Bannermen
148Remembrance of the Daleks
149The Happiness Patrol
150Silver Nemesis
151The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
153Ghost Light
154The Curse of Fenric